My experience with Lizzy has been phenomenal. I can honestly say I got much more out of my sessions with her than with any other therapist I’ve seen. Her compassion and way of immediately seeing to the heart of a matter made me feel understood and gave my therapy a direction I’d not experienced before. I was able to use the techniques of EMDR and Brainspotting to progress in areas of my life in which I had felt completely stuck. Her experience and knowledge made me feel comfortable and secure.
— SB, former client 2019
Lizzy helped guide me to a place where I feel worthy and able to love and be loved. Her direct, kind way of moving me past my old stuck, painful places allowed me to have a feeling of quiet self confidence that I would never have believed existed for me. She is everything I could have hoped for in a therapist and I am eternally grateful.
— C.F., former client 2017
“When I first met Lizzy, I was living in a place of fear and insecurity after years of feeling stuck between how I wanted others to perceive me and the woman I was actually created to be. Lizzy gently guided me on a path in which I discovered that my weaknesses and pain from unmet desires that once defined me were now the very things I needed to embrace in order to receive love and develop true intimacy with others. Knowing that I could be seen with such acceptance and compassion has brought forth a new sense of freedom and hope in my life as I wait for the redemption of all things.
— R.R., former client 2018