Trauma Recovery

Past events that keep popping up in the present are evidence that we have been through something that was overwhelming.  In an attempt for our brain to process what has happened in the past, things will keep coming to mind even if we don't want them to.  

Trauma is defined as something that happened that was unexpected, could not have been prevented, and overwhelmed our brain's way of coping with stress.  While some trauma is self evident, it can also be more subtle.  Evidence of trauma may manifest in stress in relationships, societally acceptable chemical dependencies, and generalized anxiety or depression.  It can also create utter chaos and disorder in our lives where we are not able to function as we want or need.  

Regardless of how trauma is affecting your life, there are ways to heal.  Talk therapy, somatic processing, and evidence-based therapy such as EMDR and Brainspotting are proven to help heal and restore our bodies and minds so that we can thrive no matter what we have been through.